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Yoga Balm® is made in small batches, with Certified Organic ingredients.
Joyously. By hand.

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We are a zero waste company with Fair Trade Principles.

Our inspired vision for an organic wellness product that offers a holistic path for those who seek alternative methods of enhancing their body’s innate ability to heal itself within their modality of choice fuels our resolve.

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Made with the BEST STUFFon Earth!

Hand Made

Extracts are blended by hand to detoxify the body, promote new cell growth, reduce joint & muscle inflammation, improve blood flow & elevate mood. The purpose is to provide an immediate feeling of release while progressing toward long-term holistic healing.


The sustainable oils and essential plant extracts in Yoga Balm® enhance the body's natural wellness.


Pharmaceutical grade extracts are refined by those at the forefront of their expertise: honoring pure methods of distillation, fair trade relationships & zero waste principles.

Made with Love

Yoga Balm’s elevated combination of seven powerful healing oils are chosen specifically to cleanse the body as it attaches itself to toxins, then ridding them from the system while promoting new cell growth, increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation & elevating mood.

For wholesale orders (spas, studios, and wellness offices) call Universal Companies at: (800) 558-5571 or visit their website.

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